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25 November 2013

The Shred Shed

The Shred Shed - Outside Love it just for its name, if anything. The Shred Shed has become part of the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, keeping music alive and promoting artists to get up, get out, and share their music. It’s a small spot, definitely an underground venue with a great casual vibe to it that lets you rock up close to the band members. For those of you looking to discover new talent, at $0-10 a ticket, it’s an evening well spent. And at a 200 person capacity limit, if you are a Utah band hoping to have some fun and great exposure, this is your go-to place in Salt Lake. As one reporter noted, “Without these venues, a lot of music created in this town would never be heard.”

Although open to any local Utah bands or musicians seeking to showcase their talent, the Shred Shed has definitely become known for being home to harder rock, heavy metal, and punk rock. Throw in the occasional ScStreet Fighterream-o every now and then, and you’ve got the general feel of it. Again, if you’re looking for a place to headbang, this is the rocker’s dream. Better still – it’s all-ages friendly (there’s some epic street fighter and mortal combat battles to be had on those arcade machines!)

The Shred Shed just celebrated its 1st anniversary in its new location on October 19th. The event included some appearances made included local Utah bands Muscle Hawk and Giraffula, while doubling as a Halloween art gallery just a few days before. On the upcoming is one of our own, BandsfromUtah.com’s, featured bands: The Last Gatsby (November 18th and December 11th). If you’re looking for the best in Salt Lake City live music or Salt Lake City music venues, be sure to drop on by! And check out their Facebook and Official Website for updates.

Address: 60 Exchange Pl, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

The Shred Shed - Inside

The Shred Shed has actually been around for the past 3 years—so you know it’s got to be doing something right. Let me explain: the people who run the Shred Shed are of local Utah bands themselves, who volunteer their time to organize the events. So how did this come about, and what is it about the Shred Shed that makes it so successful? Jesse Cassar, owner of the venue (and member of the band Loom), gives us some insights in a recent interview:

Jesse: It wasn’t long after we came home from my first tour with Loom, fall of ’09, that Mike and I started talking about putting together a second “Loom House” — basically a place for us to practice and to be able to help our friends from out of town when they needed a show in Salt Lake. The idea was always an all-ages spot, as there is a handful of bar venues downtown and little-to-no all-ages ones.


It was a place for absolutely anyone to come and have good, safe fun. And we would BBQ once in awhile, so I think people really started loving us! Salt Lake happens to have a [kick-a] hardcore/punk/rock & roll scene so it just fell into place. [It’s] an artist-run venue/art gallery whose goal is to help our community. And I will do everything that I possibly can to have free pizza as much as possible.


The goal is to become more of a staple in Salt Lake City and to offer a place for touring and local bands/artists/musicians alike to play shows. People will get the atmosphere of a beautiful DIY/art space that offers great music, good times and vibes — lots of vibes!

Reporter: Moving on to local stuff, what’s your take on the local music scene, both good and bad?

Jesse: I know that my business partner, Jarom, has said this, but the one thing we could use a bit more of is focus. We need to work together and understand the power of a community. Not saying that Salt Lake doesn’t have that ’cause we do, we just need more of it. Salt Lake is all that any of us have here so we might as well work to make it strong as hell.


There is great hip-hop, punk, funk and techno, and we as the artists need to hit the pavement to promote so that we don’t lose what we have to some capitalist! And local bands/musicians need to get out there and tour. That is the key to bringing good music from all over the country back here. And read City Weekly and SLUG! Find out what’s going on and get off your [butt]. Hard work is the cornerstone of success. We all need to work together, as a state and not just as independent cities and towns. I would love to be able to offer touring bands four excellent shows in Utah rather than just one so that we can show the rest of the country that we are a legitimate tour stop.

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